Top Ten Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Site

Building Backlinks plays a big part in Search Engine Optimization because it is one of the most important aspects of increasing your Page Rank and will make your more noticeable in search engines. If you want your site to do well in search engine results you have to get a high page rank value. If you want a higher page rank you need to create backlinks.

Creating a backlink only takes a minute or two. However, when you want to create thousands of backlinks to your site, it would also take thousands of minutes.

Backlinks are simply a link from another website pointing to yours. It is an easy concept; in fact, it is an easing thing to do.

The search engines still believe that creating backlinks is an important factor in assessing your site, so we still have to work in generating relevant and effective backlinks.

The methods shown below are the top ten ways to build backlinks to your site. Allow these ways to inspire you to build more backlinks. 백링크

Directory Submission

This one of the oldest ways in building backlinks that entails about submission of backlinks to directories. Make sure you only submit to directories that have a high pagerank, try to find ones with pagerank 1 through 5.

Natural back-links

Natural backlinks are the organic backlinks that you will receive automatically from other web masters but these backlinks can be earned as your website’s status grows. Thus, aim for the improvement of the status of your website to be able to receive natural backlinks.

Article Marketing

This method is very popular in building backlinks because this can be easily done. You just have to put your URL or links below the articles you have made.

Forums, Guest Books and Comment Boxes

By leaving comments in forums, guest books or blog comment fields even in short phrases, you can already generate backlinks in an instant without spending too much effort and time. Always remember to put your URL in your signature.

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