Finding a Reputable Greenhouse Builder

Finding a reputable greenhouse builder and manufacturer should not be hard to do, but there are a lot of questions to ask them when considering a company for building your greenhouse structure. I hope this article helps when considering a greenhouse builder and manufacturer. A garden greenhouse has been used for not only small outdoor areas but has also been built for schools and universities. There are many different kinds of garden greenhouses. Some are made with vinyl, plastic, wood, aluminum, pvc, polycarbonate and glass among other materials. In choosing a type of greenhouse you should check with a national greenhouse builder to help you consult with this no matter how big or small. Many of the reputable greenhouse builders have been in business for at least 10 years and you will be able to see their portfolio as well as speak with some of their clients as well. The greenhouse builder specializes in working with the materials used in different parts of the country and can help you decide what your needs will be. opticlimate

With many greenhouses, the builder also offers benches, hanging rods, hydroponic tubing, shade cloths, air systems and misting systems. They can also tell you how many windows needed in the roof to allow proper moisture control and venting. Steve Reno, owner of a reputable greenhouse company based in Houston, Texas says “to allow enough room for the plants especially if you plan on putting in benches, misting systems, etc. You would be surprised how some people can forget that. Also, make sure your materials hold up to the weather in your particular part of the country. You do not want to build a wood frame greenhouse in the south especially near the coastal region. We actually draw out a blueprint of the plan that allows everything the gardener needs to allow for future growth as well.”

When ordering a greenhouse it is a good idea to use a greenhouse builder who manufactures their own product. As a versatile greenhouse manufacturer, they should offer a full range of greenhouse structures from economical and functional, hobby and commercial greenhouse kits to complete turn-key luxury estate greenhouses and garden rooms, and everything in between! Many of the online companies that have not been in business long order theirs through China or Europe and are not as good of quality for the avid gardener. Some companies may charge more for their product because the materials and structure may have been engineered to outlast basic weather conditions and will outlast the cheaper temporary models. Check also to see if they have their manufacturing facilities close by. This would ease any problems with delivery and technical issues or missing pieces that could take too much time in the building process. There is nothing so frustrating as to order a greenhouse and have a few of the screws or particular parts not show up and have to wait a month for the part to come from China. It is a good idea to use someone that manufactures them locally. Check also to see if they also offer greenhouse maintenance which can also save a lot of lost time and money. When storms blow in, the local greenhouse builders are able to come out and do some repairs.

The greenhouse builder should not be a contractor that does not specialize in greenhouses. They should be qualified and not just a dealer, but a true builder that helps design or works directly with the architect to help you build a nice pleasing greenhouse structure that will last for years to come. They should help consult with site selection, shade needed and accessories. They should also offer a manufacturer’s guarantee. These are just some basic issues to think about when planning your greenhouse. For a true greenhouse builder and manufacturer, there should be products ready to ship or make, and a full line of accessories available. Many companies will help with the selection of type of greenhouse, and will also answer any questions you have on constructing it yourself but make sure when dealing with the accessories much thought is given to working safety and working with glass. This can prove to be dangerous.

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