10 Types of Fashion Outfits Every Woman Should Own

Women are blessed with a variety of outfits, and more often they end up buying every outfit that catches their eyes. With lots of online clothes shopping websites available, it’s quite easy to buy clothes nowadays. Most women hoard their wardrobe with clothes, without the thought of essential outfits that they might need in one occasion or the other. Sadly, the outfits that we once bought with excitement can be spotted at a dark corner of your wardrobe later.

Merely focusing on a few outfits is far better than hoarding clothes. Picking the apt outfit is quite a challenging task since there are plenty of options available, in varied designs and styles, but you can always do it right, by choosing the right ones – y2k aesthetic clothing.

Floral Dress

One simple way by which you can maximize your wardrobe choices is by choosing a floral dress- it’s a must in every girl’s wardrobe.

A floral dress is always on-trend, so you can buy it without a second thought. You can wear it on all occasions except the one where you need to be super dressed up or a semi-formal occasion.

Maxi Dress

You can often hear people say, a maxi dress best suits tall women, but that’s just a wrong concept. Lengthy maxi dress suits petite women as well, only if they look into aspects like gradient or cut-out while choosing maxis. Sometimes, when you want to be dressed up a little more, go no further than a maxi dress, which can make you more attractive with its long and flowing appearance.

Black Dress

You might have already guessed that this outfit is a must- a classic black dress . If asked for which dress can be legendary among numerous dresses, it will be a black dress. Available in an abundance of styles- Bodycon, A-line, Sheath, Gown, Maxi and strapless, a black dress should be bought considering the body type you have. With a much sophisticated look it gives, this dress is perfect if you’re looking for an outfit that isn’t showy.


You heard it right. Women too love wearing jackets . But who doesn’t like wearing leather jackets? A leather jacket will surely be your preference for years to come. If the cold wind bothers you when it’s chilly, then you can pick one jacket that’s two sizes more than your actual size so that you won’t find it difficult to wear knitwear with it. You can either try wearing a dress or jeans with the jacket.

Showstopper Dress

Great for birthdays, parties, or hanging out with friends, a showstopper dress makes turn heads and gives you a bold look. Club it with a pair of wedges! Shades that look great are red and black. Undoubtedly, this outfit stands out because of the bold look it has than the rest of your wardrobe choices.

Travel pants

Not every girl is bothered to buy travel pants. Uncomfortable pants take away all the pleasure of enjoying your trip. You might have never thought of the discomfort while wearing uncomfortable pants. A travel pant helps you look your best while travelling and reaching your destination. Just make sure you choose comfortable pants to wear.

Trench Coat

More of a rainy day option and perfect for between seasons, a classic trench coat is something every woman should have. This Workwear and a trench coat is ideal for office wear and club it with nice looking denim jeans for the perfect look for a weekend day out.

Off shoulder Dress

There is no better way to flaunt your shoulders than with an off-shoulder dress. It was trending for so long, and still, there is a long way to go! Guess what? You can accessorize it with plenty of options, say with the suitable footwear or a sling bag. Not to be confused with a Bardot dress, an off-shoulder dress is perfect attire for a trip, and perfect to pose for camera clicks.

Plain T-shirt

More often, in our wardrobes, we have t-shirts with prints or stripes.

And sometimes, the ones we have may not be a daily wear. So, it’s high time that you need a plain t-shirt in your wardrobe. Having a plain t-shirt will be a blessing in disguise, since you can pair it with jackets, jeans or skirt. Even though it’s a pain to pay more for just a plain t-shirt, it’s worth it.

Pencil Skirt

Perfect for both formal and informal occasions alike, a pencil skirt is ideal with a sequined top, to enjoy parties, or with a plain white top for a formal meeting. But one thing that you should take a note of, is its length- it shouldn’t be too lengthy or too short, pick the one that looks great on you.

Depending on a season, our preferences change. But if you have the right pair of outfits, you’ll never run out of outfits perfect for any occasion. These are some of the outfits that are worth investing in- outfits that you choose over and over, and no longer make you think that you’ve nothing to wear.

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